Infant Dresses


      Stylish silhouettes for kids for every occasion!

      Welcome to Totle's enchanting world of baby girl dresses online, where fashion meets comfort in the most delightful way! Our carefully curated collection of organic cotton dresses is designed to make your little one feel like royalty. Step into a realm of timeless elegance and sustainable style as you explore our chic selection crafted exclusively for your precious princess. Read More

      Our baby girl cotton dresses are made from 100% organic cotton, ensuring not only a soft and gentle touch on your baby's delicate skin but also contributing to a healthier planet. Embrace the beauty of sustainable fashion and let your little princess shine with grace and charm.

      From playful prints to classic designs, our baby girl stylish dress collection offers a diverse range of styles suitable for any occasion. Whether it's a casual day out, a special celebration, or a family gathering, Totle has the perfect dress to make your little one stand out. We pay meticulous attention to detail, ensuring each dress is as unique and special as your precious bundle of joy.

      The breathable and soft organic cotton ensures that your baby can move freely while looking effortlessly stylish. Let her explore the world with ease, wrapped in the comfort of Totle's enchanting dresses. Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond our clothing – it's a way of life. Join us in creating a better future for the next generation with clothing that is not only adorable but also leaves a positive impact on the environment.

      Immerse yourself in the world of Totle and discover the joy of dressing your little one in the finest organic cotton clothing. Each dress tells a story, and we invite you to be a part of this magical journey. Browse through our Infant Baby Girl Dresses collection and find the perfect outfit that reflects the unique personality of your little princess. Elevate your child's wardrobe with us– where sustainability meets style, and every dress is a celebration of innocence and beauty.

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