Blossom in Style with our Bloomingdale Collection

      Hey there, fashion-forward parents and adorable little ones! Get ready to embark on a beautiful journey into the world of Totle, where fashion meets fun in our Bloomingdale for kids girls inspired by the beauty of nature, this collection is a celebration of vibrant colours, playful patterns and charming designs that will make your little one blossom with joy! Read More

      This collection features a delightful array of floral dresses. From dainty daisies to elegant roses, each dress is crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring your little one stands out on every special occasion. Explore our online Bloomingdale dress for girls and co-ord sets designed for little fashionistas who love to match with their besties. Adorable patterns, comfortable fabrics, and a touch of magic make these sets a must-have for playdates, parties, or just a day out in the sun.

      Our Bloomingdale Collection introduces the Twirl Joggers for the little ones who love to twirl and play. Designed for comfort and style, these joggers are perfect for both playdates at the park and lazy afternoons at home. Let your little one spin and twirl joyfully in these trendy and cosy joggers. But wait, there's more! Each piece in the Bloomingdale clothing for kids is crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring durability and comfort for your little one. Our vibrant, expressive designs encourage self-expression for every little personality. Totle is committed to sustainability. Totle believes in creating not just clothes but cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

      • A vibrant and conscious perspective
      • Visual storytelling
      • Interactive elements
      • Pure cotton
      • Tasteful & unique colour palette

      Ready to make your little girl's wardrobe bloom with style? Dive into the Bloomingdale Collection by Totle and let the magic unfold. Read Less